Bitlis Eren University (BEU) was founded in 2007 with the slogan “New Sun of Science”. Our university entered the tenth year with significant developments in the way of establishing its education and research-development infrastructure. The basic goals expected from universities were also fulfilled during the construction phase, which required heavy work. 1 institute, 5 faculties, 3 colleges, 8 technical-vocational colleges, 15 research and application centers were established within the university and BEU continued to produce scientific knowledge and instill professional skills to their students.

There are 109 programs in which 473 competent lecturers work and BEU has a total of 9269 students. When there were 2809 students in 2007, this number increased every year with new programs continuously opened and it has been increased every year. Students’ preferences and needs of the city and the region determine programs be opened in BEU. Currently, infrastructure studies have been initiated to open the Faculty of Medicine in our university which has already trained qualified staff in the field of health with 14 programs in the School of Health and Vocational School of Health Services. With international students, our university fulfills the human and social needs of all students like accommodation, accommodation, health, sports, arts, and culture. BEU provides modern classrooms, study rooms, where technology is actively used to provide professional skills to build students’ future and offer well-equipped library facilities. Offering a suitable environment for students to be sensitive to social and national problems, our university reinforces this awareness through panels and conferences. Our university is increasing its efforts to integrate with the city in the framework of university-industry cooperation, which is often emphasized in our country’s long-term plans such as “Tenth Development Plan” and “Vision 2023: Science and Technology Strategies”.


BEU, which has progressed steadily towards becoming a competitive and entrepreneurial university, serves national interests and guides the development of the city with the policies determined by our country in keeping with its general objectives. By making our young people entrusted with our future competent in every respect, BEU is striving to provide a contribution to our country and society worthy of the slogan of “New Sun of Science”. We thank all institutions, organizations, individuals, our academicians, administrative staff, and our students who have contributed to the development of our university; We are waiting for you.